Spring Detox in 12 Steps

Our metabolism slows down as we consume calorie foods in winter and move less.

As a result, we are lubricated. The accumulated toxins slow us down and cause us to feel tired. To get rid of toxins and excess weight, we should increase the movement, drink plenty of warm water, consume green vegetables and seasonal fruits. Walking, dancing for 15-20 minutes revives our metabolism.

You wake up tired in the morning, you feel constant swelling in your stomach, and if you complain about the yellowing of your color, the responsible toxins that accumulate in your body. The solution is conscious nutrition, detox cures and diet. If you want to meet the spring healthy, do light exercises on a regular basis.

For plenty of warm water, this is the most important condition of detox. Because warm water literally breaks down the body and accelerates the metabolism. For natural detox, add spices that reduce toxins such as rosemary, turmeric, ginger, lemon to daily meals. Consume fresh fruit and vegetables without hormones. Avoid white flour, refined sugar, delicatessen products and fries.

Do not neglect the herbal teas that help to remove toxins to support the detox diet. Hygienically prepared natural teas accelerate metabolism, facilitate the urinary and intestinal excretion and help the antioxidant effect. During the day you can consume fennel, white tea, herbal tea, green tea, raspberry, lemon peel, cherry stalk, mate tea.

If you are tired of the concepts like ul matchbox D in diets; Try this one too. Your stomach is up to 2 hearts. 2 meals a hand is enough to eat. In other words, get off the table with 75 percent saturation.

Eat as simple as possible while eating at home or outside. Mix up to 3 or 4 foods.

Take care to eat seasonal vegetables. In the summer, juicy and cool foods; In winter, warm and dry vegetables in their own water, grill, bake or steam.

Do not use sweetener and sugar, do not chew gum.

Chew them 30-40 times. When so chewed, acidic foods become alkaline and form little acid in the stomach. This accelerates digestion.

Do not consume water or other liquids during cooking. Digestion slows down.

Eat 10-12 glasses of warm water between meals.

Thanks to its vitamins A and C, it meets some of the daily vitamins. In the morning breakfast, lunch and dinner can be consumed as a salad.


Thanks to catechins in white tea content, it accelerates metabolism. It consumes energy during the day. People with high blood pressure, kidney disease or people with heart diseases should not consume white tea is not recommended.



Carrot saves energy when consumed regularly. It strengthens the immune system. You can keep fit with regular carrot consumption.


Lentils contain almost as much protein as meat. In this way, the body meets the protein needs. It gives power.


Tere is rich in vitamins. It is good for fatigue.


Meat and eggs are natural protein sources. They prevent anemia due to their high protein content. Anemia can cause weakness in the body. Regular consumption of meat and eggs can prevent anemia.


Garlic, which is good for many diseases, also relieves fatigue. Particularly useful for mind fatigue. It protects the body against diseases.



It is a good source of vitamin C. In addition to quenching thirst in summer, it gives power. Consuming a few slices of watermelon during the day will benefit the fatigue.


Omega 3, which has a very important place in terms of health, is found in many foods. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds and pistachios are sources of omega 3. In addition, tuna, salmon and mackerel fish are among the important sources of omega 3. Accelerates blood flow. It gives energy. It is possible to take omega 3 into the body once a week with fish consumption.

Eat your meals in a quiet environment. The faster you eat, the slower you digest. That would make you lose weight.

When you are sick, eat juicy foods. If you are experiencing emotional breakdowns, angry, anxious and very sad, do not eat too much. At such times, the digestive system closes. Anything you eat remains acid and toxin. This causes you to get fat.

It is important to keep in mind that what you eat is: what you eat, how you cook, what, when, when and how much you eat.

First of all, you should take 10 calories per half kilogram in your body by applying a balanced nutrition program. This, according to your daily activity, you can add more than 400-700 calories. For example, an active woman in her 65 kilos needs 2000 calories a day. When this person wants to lose 1 kilo per week, the amount of daily should decrease by 500 calories. If you want a more permanent solution, download 250 calories per day to your daily needs and exercise up to 250 calories.